Why I started this

Let me tell you a story.

It’s about a vision I had, a few years ago, when I lived in the south of France in the mountains.

One day I was visiting Lyon, a beautiful, sprawling city close to the Alps, for a Pat Metheny concert.

It was early, and the shops were not yet open; the cobblestones were still wet from the night. But there were no clouds, and the sun was already radiant and strong, as it was summer.

Up the street, I saw a man holding a bunch of air balloons. A salesman, perhaps, getting ready for the day.

Then this vision took hold of me:

“It was the middle of day, and the balloon salesman needed to pee. He could go into a shop to use their toilet, but he would never fit through the door with all those balloons.

Then a friendly young fellow appeared in the street, and the balloon salesman had an idea.

He asked the young man to hold on to the balloons for a bit. The young man agreed, and the salesman disappeared inside a shop.

Some time passed, but the balloon salesman did not return. And the young man started to wonder: had something happened?

What if the balloon salesman continued not to return? What should the young man then do? Perhaps he should go check up on him?

More than half an hour passed. What if the balloon salesman would never return?

The young man thought about the balloons. What should he do with them? Should he go home and keep them for himself? Should he let them go? Should he sell them or just give ‘em away?”

That’s how the story ends, on a question.

This story is MY story. And those questions are mine.

For me, those balloons represent spiritual teachings. Those precious airy things that have been given to me.

I have always identified more with that young man, the student, even now, when I am no longer that young.

But there comes a time that the student must become the teacher himself. That he must decide what to do with those balloons.

The more I learn, the more reluctant I find myself to teach. But I do love to share my journey, in music, in writing, and in speech.

I believe that in the end, there really is no teacher. The teacher is an absence, like that balloon salesman that has disappeared forever inside a shop.

And I yearn for that sometimes, too, to disappear like that. To let go of my featherlight burden.

But as long as I am still on this planet, I figure I will continue to share my balloons.

I call them Keys to Consciousness.

A Key can be a phrase, a concept, an emotion, a song, a meditation, a tool, a suggestion, a whisper, a smell even…

Anything that rouses us, that evokes our conscious awareness, that stirs us awake.

I have many keys to share, and I keep receiving new material as I continue to make my way through consciousness

Join me. It will be enriching. Your life will be better for it. Heck, mine will be, too!

I’m not promising anything, but if this story above resonates with you, I’m quite sure you will find many things of value in what I have to share.

And if you've read this far down, all I can say is, I love to connect with you.

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I know what you're thinking, but I'm not into blues
I know what you're thinking, but I'm not into blues

Who am I?

Good Question. Been wondering the same for a while.

My name is Gurprakash. It's my spiritual name from the Western Kundalini Yoga tradition and I am continuing to use it, even though I don't feel very connected to that movement anymore.

I have been a teacher of yoga teachers for more than 15 years but now I just assist people in their spiritual development without promising them a a yoga certificate at the end of the road. Or much of anything really.

From limitation to liberation

The people that connect with me are often smart people that have nonetheless gotten tangled up in their own web, as so many smart people tend to do. My role is show them how each of the threads that they think bind them, nevertheless link up to the whole.

Those very same things that we experience as limitation, are in fact gateways to our own inner freedom. But it takes some work to get there. I share many tools, tips, and techniques that can make this work not only possible, but even fun and enjoyable.

My background

Intellectually, I am steeped in western and eastern philosophy, hermeticism and alchemy with a dash of Caribbean mysticism added for flavor. But I am practice oriented. My spiritual studies have taken me to living and working in ashrams with teachers, for many years, in different places in the world.

But now I live with my wife in an unassuming corner not very far from the sea, in the southwest of Holland, near the Belgian border. I enjoy this very much.

I still teach yoga and trance techniques but less than I used to. More into  meditation, music and sound healing these days.